Cargo Container Sales

We specialize in new and used Cargo Container sales. We offer over 50 years of combined experience in the industry and can help you find what you need when you need it or will help customize one of our own to suite your needs. We have a large fleet available at our yard in Newark, California and encourage you to call for more information at 650-888-5060 or email us at thetrailerbroker@hotmail.com.  

8’x20’ Office Trailer

10’x20’ Office Trailer

10’X30’ Office Trailer

10’x40’ Office Trailer

12’x35’ Office Trailer

12’x40’ Office Trailer

12’x45’ Office Trailer

12’x50’ Office Trailer

12’x60’ Office Trailer

24’x60’ Office Trailer

36’x60’ Office Trailer

8’x10’ Cargo Container

8’x20’ Cargo Container

8’x40’ Cargo Container

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Cargo Container Delivery

Cargo Container Delivery

Cargo Containers

08’x10’ Cargo Container

08’x20’ Cargo Container

08’x40’ Cargo Container

Cargo Container Sizes We Sell

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